Eaten Rotten Apples
Eaten Rotten Apples


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A mother daughter duo who discuss uncomfortable topics, some of which are requested by listeners. By utilizing their different backgrounds in dealing with the world, Danielle and Thyri give insight based on their own experiences.Sometimes sad, often funny, but always honest. You will be gripping the edge off your seat when you hear just how different this mother and daughters perspective can be

24 April 2023
We are answering a lot of requested questions that have been asked. Let's get silly and personal. 
17 April 2023
Since you guys loved couch talk so much we decided to do another one. We talk about the differences from Danny being 20 with a kid to Thyri being 20 without a child. They talk about so much and even have Thyri's dad pop ...
10 April 2023
Having a good time VS bad experiences with alcohol. Bad affects of alcohol doesn’t have an age limit. Drinking can take its toll on anyone at any age. So let’s dive in on Thyri and Danielle’s experiences while under the...
27 March 2023
We start off talking about how Danny got kicked out at 16, Than domestic abuse, friendships, abortions and more !
Join us with Jordan Wagster on her story about the uncle that molested her.
13 March 2023
Let's take a dive into Danielles addiction and recovery also talking about the dangers of under age drinking 
Lets talk about sex baby ... The good, The bad, The ugly ! Take a deep dive on Danielle and Thyri's sexual experiences. What works for some don't work for others. 
Join us on this special episode talking about Jordan Wagster's brush with sexual assault within her own Family ...
Sit down with Thyri and Danielle and discuss personal issues with Thyris eating disorder and how it affected them and what triggered them including receiving compliments ...
11 February 2023
Introducing Eaten Rotten Apples